perfect holiday charcuterie in only five steps

So it’s the holiday season, and you’re either hosting this year or have been asked to contribute something to the celebration or meal, have you thought about a charcuterie and cheese plate? Get the perfect plate in just five easy steps.

charcuterie and cheese plate |

#1: Select your cheeses. To make it easier, pick from these categories: soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard (bonus points for something smoked). Seems simple enough– I went with Brie, Blue Cheese, Manchego, Aged Cheddar, and Smoked Gouda– sure to please any crowd.

charcuterie and cheese plate |

#2: The vehicle. This is generally crackers or some crusty bread. Done.

#3: Something sweet. Fresh fruits like grapes, or apples are a no-brainer, you could also try fresh figs, or dried fruits like apricots, pears and cranberries. Honey is another great option, I love a slice of Manchego drizzled with a bit of honey– yum!

charcuterie and cheese plate |

#4: Something savory. Salted nuts or olives are always a nice addition to your cheese plate. But pickles, like cornishons, are my all-time favorite.

#5: Meat. We’re talking cured meats here, like Prosciutto or Salami. How about Sopressata or Bresaola?

If you’re still having a hard time choosing, or you don’t want to go it alone, check out the selection from Sid Wainer & Son or their cheese collections available at

Happy yummy holidays!


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