next year will be better

2014 will be better

As I’m struggling with what to write here and reflecting on the last twelve months, I realize that “struggle” wouldn’t be a wholly inaccurate description for the year that’s about to end. In truth, 2013 was actually pretty good, a typical year with typical highs and typical lows. This year I actually kind of accomplished what I set out to do: I had work in a total of six shows, not including open studios [unbelievable], worked on a few interesting projects, met some great new folks, and reconnected with others. I’ve certainly struggled with bigger, more serious challenges in previous years, but I feel like 2013 was a year of searching–struggling–to find my voice, direction, and looking for inspiration. I think maybe this year I finally decided to start collecting all the pieces left crumbled around me from those other, more challenging years. The struggle I felt in 2013 wasn’t from any new set of challenges, but from the task of putting those pieces back together and trying to make meaning.

Just know that if you’ve struggled at all in 2013, next year will be better. Below are a few snapshots from the past year, in the new year I’m going to try to look harder for the everyday beauty around me, and be present in each and every moment. I think I may even try do something I’ve not ever done before… be positive.

What are your hopes, wishes or resolutions for 2014?



there, but not there

long shadows

tomato pizza photorama/underwater


2 thoughts on “next year will be better

  1. I came across your blog from Edible South Shore (where I also just started contributing), and wow–I LOVE your photo of the woman wrapped in a sheet! Your food photography is awesome, too!

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