open studios in fort point

open studios

A few months ago I joined the Fort Point Arts Community in Boston, and over the weekend I had the opportunity to show some recent work during Open Studios there. Showing in the group space meant I was able to meet fellow artists I hadn’t met before as well as many other friendly faces (hello!). It was a beautiful weekend for open studios, and we got a lot of traffic at 319 A Street.

319 A Street

The delightful thing about open studios is that it invites other people to see your work in a much more informal setting than say, a gallery show and it really encourages interaction with the viewer and the work. It also forced me to clearly articulate my thoughts about my own work in a way I hadn’t yet. It was just plain nice having other eyes than my own see my work, especially the pieces which are mid-process or otherwise on-going. I got a lot of great feedback and was really surprised at the pieces people gravitated toward, it was reassuring actually. When you work alone and don’t really have peers to give you criticism, knowing if you’re on-track with your ideas gets pretty muddy.

So, to show my gratitude to all the wonderful people who came out to open studios this weekend, I’m offering a last-chance sale of the artwork seen at open studios (above) at low, open studios prices for a limited time (not just framed art, matted prints and note cards, too)! To view the work, or make a purchase click here.


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