fine art for dessert

Mondrian Cake

Have you seen the Mondrian modern art cake from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? It’s been making the rounds on the interwebs lately, and now that I’ve seen it pop up more than just a few times I am more than just a little intrigued. Turns out there is a Modern Art Desserts cookbook by Caitlin Freeman, who after years of crafting unique and delicious pastries in the SFMOMA’s Rooftop Garden Cafe, has now collected her recipes into a super awesome book. Not unlike modern art itself, some of the recipes are very literal interpretations of the artwork that inspires them, while others are slightly more obscure, or conceptual.

modern art desserts

I have to say I’m excited about this book, it manages to put two of the things I adore most in the world– modern art and sweets– into one package. Actually, three if you count the gorgeous photography in the cookbook. Totally going on my Christmas wish list. Oh, and if you’re not interested in baking, you can order the Mondrian cake here from the Blue Bottle Coffee kitchen in Oakland.


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