slippery slope

toes afloat

It’s still summer, but we’ve hit that slope into autumn where we’re running out of those longer days and the morning air begins to feel crisp and cool. It was so hot here this summer that the cooler temps are quite a welcome change, but I hate letting go of the summer, don’t you? There’s so much I haven’t done yet this summer, like I never quite made it to the farmer’s market, had a real beach day, gone camping, or to the Cape… but it’s not over and there’s a lot I have done already! And most importantly, this is has been one of my most creatively productive summers.

If you are longing to hold onto summer a little longer too, come and see What I Did On My Summer Vacation a juried exhibition at Panopticon Gallery curated by: Jim Fitts, collector and editor of and Anne DeVito, co-owner of Panopticon Gallery. This exhibition will be on display in the Private Room at Panopticon Gallery from September 12 – January 14, 2014. Tell all of your New England friends, I have a piece in the show and the opening is September 12th!


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