all around the mulberry bush


Until a few days ago, I was unsure of what these berries, that turn from a dazzling red to a deep purple this time of year, were called. I could remember spying them up in the branches and nibbling on one or two, as kid. What a giddy kind of thrill it was for the city-kid I was (and still am)–food growing wild from cracks and crevices in my own local park!? Back when “urban foraging” wasn’t a thing yet, my mother would take me raspberry picking at the deserted edges of a park path, and a few years ago in a neighborhood I no longer live in, I discovered a blackberry patch behind a school that no one but me (and the birds) seemed to know about!


Recently, I spied those jewel-like red/purple berries again, this time in the parking lot of my local library. As I approached the tree an older gentleman passed by, and I asked him if he knew what kind of tree it was while I plucked a leaf and a few berries… he did not. A few minutes of internet-sleuthing later I learned that it was, in fact, a mulberry tree. Huzzah! I later went back and picked a whole pint of berries– take that over-priced supermarket berries! Their taste is subtly sweet, not unlike the blackberry that they resemble. I think tomorrow I’ll combine them with some blueberries in a pie for the perfect summer dessert!

More about mulberries here.


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