with fresh eyes

David Bowie

I’ve been thinking a lot about what inspires me lately– what informs my work– and I’ve realized that more than anything, I’m drawn to light, color, and the beauty of ordinary fleeting moments. Last week, while visiting Harvard Square, I found this great book in the basement of Harvard Book Store, and now it’s pretty much doing all the thinking for me. Basically, this book puts into words all of the thoughts on photography that I’ve never really been able to put together, and instantly validated the work I’ve been doing all along. The philosophy behind contemplative photography is in emphasizing subject matter over the technical aspects of photography, “the contemplative approach teaches you to see clearly, and make images based on fresh perceptions.” Check out the website Seeing Fresh for examples of this kind of photography.

What inspires or motivates you?

Above: David Bowie in Tokyo from Speed of Life. Photographer Masayoshi Sukita.


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