simplified shadow

sunflower & tomatoes study, 8x10 (2nd try)

Today’s exercise felt a little bit like a test (you know, putting all of the lessons from our past exercises together cumulatively…), which is why I think I choked a bit at first. We were supposed to draw out our “maps” and then block in the shadows, and then second, block in everything in light using it’s true color.  My head was just not in the game at the beginning, I could not make myself see the dark shapes of the shadows, no matter how much squinting I did at the subject. I ended up just going too far, resulting with a more “complete” painting than intended. I eventually moved to a different set up and started over… I guess I just needed to warm up, because the above image is what I was supposed to do from the beginning.

I find it kind of ironic that I could not make myself see shapes or colors, for the life of me, while I was painting, but while driving back home that was all I could see on the road in front of me. Blerg!

sunflowers, 8 x 10 (first attempt)


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