the 20-minute avocado

avocado in 20 minutes, 4 x 6

Faced with the reality that there would be no class this coming week, due to the holiday, I knew I would have to take matters into my own hands and carve out what little time I could, to do a quick study (and really I couldn’t hold myself back any longer). I was instantly attracted to this adorably petite stretched canvas when I first laid eyes on it many moons ago. Actually, this canvas had a previous life as a still life of two yellow apples–badly, badly done no less than 12 (or more…) years ago. It was time for reincarnation, and I’ve been thinking a lot about avocados lately.

My four-year-old apprentice was keen to “help” me out on this project, so I knew my time was truly limited and this canvas would be just big enough. Here’s a shot of said apprentice happily using up the left-over paint on my palette to make her own avocado (she told me she needed to show me how it was done the “right” way– didn’t realize I was doing it wrong).

the "right" way to paint an avocado


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