limited brushstroke

limited brushstroke

Have you ever counted the brushstrokes in your painting before you painted it? For yesterday’s warm-up we had to map out our paintings and then estimate how many strokes (not lifting the brush) it would take to complete it. It’s harder than you think, I mean it required planning. My guess for the study above was eight, but it really took me about nine strokes– without cheating, those little hash marks represent each brushstroke. The result is pretty abstract and I kind of  like it. Definitely required channeling my inner Cezanne to try and see the peach as shapes and blocks of color. It also really made me think about how to mix paints, and how I load my brush and apply the paint.

peaches and bowl, 8x10

After our minds and brushes were properly warmed-up we did another painting in one-hour. I chose to continue my peaches theme. I’d been envying all of my classmates purple shadows lately so I decided to really try and see in colors instead of “objects.” This was not always easy since one half of my brain kept yelling at the other: “That’s a white bowl! That’s a WHITE bowl!” while the rebel side shouted back: “But I see blue, I SWEAR I’m seeing blue… and purple!” It was a serious tug-of-war in my head. But I fought the good fight, and I’m fairly pleased with the painting I had in the end!


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