10-minute studies

painting studies

We began today’s painting class with a discussion of color values and did a quick 3-value study (below) in black, white and gray. We then divided our canvases into quarters and did four individual 10-minute studies of fruit (above). The idea is to get us to loosen up, something I am desperate to do, and I already feel like I’m beginning to develop a style.

value study

I really quite enjoyed class today, and didn’t have a single moment apprehension–it felt like I was right where I was meant to be. Being introduced to a limited palette has been really good for me, finally I’m learning how to mix colors and paint correctly! Back in school I was very focused on photography and design, and only took the foundation-level painting classes that I was required to. I knew that I would some day have the chance to paint again (or just paint on my my own, as I did before).

It felt a bit like being back in art school today, in the best possible way. And for a minute, as we lined up our canvases against the wall for critique it felt like I was back with all my old friends, and how I wished they could be there with me!


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